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It costs Meister Music in excess of £150,000 a year, engaging around a hundred industry professionals, as well as venue, catering, and administrative staff.  In addition, we hire venues and orchestral scores, order marketing supplies, and many other behind-the-scenes activities.

Sponsorship is the heartbeat of all classical music endeavours. Without it we simply couldn’t exist.

Royal Opera House patron and Meister Music “Wagner” sponsor Christian Mattler writes:

“I am a passionate admirer of the art form and artists. Opera is enriching my life just like that of many others.

As an audience member one often follows the progress of a young singer for a while.  And once one feels that there is a well trained, carefully nurtured talent that is finally ready to increase its exposure to the general opera audience, the course, program or grant comes to an end and a now beloved artist disappears from the stage.  Alas I see many talented singers, that I would love to see in performance, disappear from public view.  

A forum allowing classically trained singers to step up, show their abilities to opera professionals and the general public is desperately needed. It would hopefully lead to excellent young artists being cast in the way they deserve. 

I hope for Meister Music to be a success and thereby contributing to the success of many deserving artists.”

Levels of sponsorship:

Purcell – £50-£500:

Monteverdi – £501-£2,000:

Mozart – £2,001-£10,000:

Strauss – £10,001-£30,000:

Wagner – £30,001 +:

All our sponsors have the option to be included in our annual concert programme. Each tier comes with its own package of rewards, including tickets to each of our year-round workshops, as well as the Opera Platform workshops and Gala Concert.

To become a sponsor, please contact us, and we will call or email you at a time convenient to you.

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