Q: Who can apply to take part in the workshops?

A: Anyone who can demonstrate a good working history as an operatic principal.

Q: What does that mean?

A: If you’ve covered principal roles or performed smaller roles in any international houses, or performed major roles in smaller houses, you are eligible to apply.

Q: I’m returning to singing after a period of absence, and there are gaps in my career.  Can I apply?

A: Yes, absolutely.  The primary focus of the Opera Platform is to support, encourage, and promote singers who have needed to take time out of their career, for whatever reason.  We are looking for talented singers, and recognise that most singers will have gaps in their career.

Q: I’m still in training.  Can I apply?

A: In some circumstances, yes.  If you have performed a handful of roles as described above, you can apply.  We anticipate that the majority of applicants will be experienced professionals with a proven history as a collaborative artist.

Q: Is there an age limit?

A: There is no age limit.  It is, however, expected that the majority of applicants will have at least a few years’ experience following their training, and so we anticipate receiving applications from those over the age of 30.

Q: What sort of repertoire will you be showcasing?

A: We aim to promote a theme of “collaboration, communication and connection” in the workshops and final showcase.  We are therefore focussing on ensemble-based scenes rather than stand-alone arias and duets.

Q: How many singers will take part, and how will you select them?

A: We will make a shortlist of singers from the applications we receive.  For those who are shortlisted, there will be an informal day’s preliminary workshop.  From there, we will select a 15-20 singers to perform in the Opera Platform week.

If you have a query that is not answered in this list, please contact us here.