Elisabeth Meister writes:

“Over the past several years, I’ve had the opportunity to gain valuable insights into my life, and what my career as a stage performer has meant to me.  In 2015, I began a further journey of discovery, through a series of one-to-one personal development “coaching” sessions.  I began to understand the cultural and global significance of collaboration, communication, and connection; a subject which I talked about at my recent TEDx talk.

This ongoing journey is engaging, enlightening, at times frustrating and difficult, but above all, overwhelmingly powerful… I hold a certificate in Professional Coaching Skills with the internationally renowned Coaching Development Ltd, and am a member of the International Coach Federation.”

What is coaching?

Coaching is a series of thought-provoking conversations.  It is a creative process, designed to inspire coachees to maximize their personal and professional potential.  It is a co-creative experience, exploring aspects of the coachee’s personal or professional life, in order to facilitate growth and development.

Who is it for?

Coaching is for anyone who feels they are at a crossroads, or in some kind of transition.  During our lives, we can sometimes feel “stuck”, but without being entirely sure why.  We can find ourselves in a situation which isn’t right for us, and are unsure which way to turn.  We may feel unable to speak to family or friends about it, perhaps for fear of being judged, or for fear of hearing too many conflicting opinions about what others think we should do. 

Maybe we just need a good listening to!  

Some time simply to talk, and try to make sense of things.  By putting our thoughts into words, we may be able to find a clue to what is holding us back.

Coaching for balance

The pace of today’s life can leave us feeling rather drained. Our work/life balance is a very delicate one, and it can be very easy to get out of balance.  Juggling work, relationships, kids, family, hobbies, and other things can be very taxing, and often we sacrifice things we love, and focus on the things we believe we “need” instead.

Through coaching, we can explore all aspects of our lives, and examine the areas that need more attention and care.

Giving yourself the time to re-balance your life will give you access to empowering beliefs, enabling you to design actions for the life you really want.

What does the coach do?

Working in partnership with you, I listen to what you say and, through powerful, thought-provoking questioning and observing, elicit from you what exactly it is that you want.  I work from the belief that your entire potential already lies within you, that you are resourceful, creative, and whole.  By working in this way, you are more likely to be able to make the changes you need, in order to lead a more fulfilling life, and to unlock your hidden potential.

What does the coach not do?

Unless specifically asked, I don’t make suggestions, or give opinions or advice.  To do so would be to assume that you are, in some way, “in need of fixing”.  When we “help” people, we create a feeling of “helplessness”, which may lead to a dependence on the “helper”.  Coaching is about enabling the coachee to develop their own thoughts, and design their own actions.

What about confidentiality?

I maintain the strictest levels of confidentiality with all client and sponsor information unless release is required by law. This means that I will not disclose your name, nor any details of our session content to a third party, unless I feel that your life or someone else’s life is in danger.  As a coach, I work under close supervision, and undergo coaching myself as part of my ongoing development.  As such, it may be pertinent to discuss some of the content from your coaching session, for training purposes only, but your name will not be disclosed.

How long do the sessions last?

The length of a session depends on your needs, as well as your time constraints.  For some people, half an hour is plenty.  For others, an hour or two, or even three, can be much more beneficial.

As you progress through the coaching process, you will develop a feel for your needs, and we can adapt as we go along.

Where do the sessions take place?

Sessions can take place over the phone or by Skype, if distance or time constraints are an issue.  Otherwise, they will be at my offices in either Croydon or Guildford, whichever is more convenient for you.  Additionally, I can travel to your home or place of work (extra travel/time costs will apply).

How many sessions should I book?

Everyone is different, and has a different set of needs. Therefore, there isn’t a pre-determined number of coaching sessions.  I recommend that you book an initial “Discovery Session”, in which we can find out more about one another, and understand your needs better.  Based on what we discover, we can set out a plan for future sessions.

What are your rates?

For the initial, one-hour session, it’s £65.  We can discuss ongoing fees and discounts at our first meeting.  It is important to me that you pay only what you can afford.

To book a discovery session, or your first series of coaching sessions, please use the contact page to send me a message.